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For over a decade, customers across the Delmarva Peninsula have counted on Parksley Livestock Supply for friendly service, great products, and the advice they need to make their projects a success. Our store is locally owned and operated by John and Linda Hanson, who ran their own dairy farm in Upstate New York for 12 years. They bring practical knowledge and hands-on experience to their work, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Products

Wildlife & Bird Seed

Southern States, Diamond & Victor Dog Food

Ducklings & Baby Chicks

Hay & Straw

Dog & Cat Wormers

Pet Grooming Supplies

Farrier Tools & Horseshoes

Myler Bits

Fencing Supplies

Pet Toys

Poultry Feeders, Waterers

Buckets, Pans, & Sprays

Grooming Supplies for Horses


Pet Food

Farm Gates

Feed & Tack

Garden Gloves

Wildlife Feeding Supplies

Farm & Home Tools


Garden Supplies

Halters, Lead Ropes, Lunge Lines

Heavy Duty Dog Kennel

Horse Supplements

“How To" Books

Water Tanks

Dog Houses

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